Earth Hour challenges us to go BEYOND … in conserving power and reducing our impact!

This time next week, we are ‘all’ being asked to

* THINK about the Planet

* TAKE ACTION by turning off and not using electrical power –

I will be on a short weekend break, including flying, so will have to consider carefully how I can adapt these ideas and still do justice to both Earth Hour and my carbon footprint…


On March 26 at 8:30 pm local time, individuals, businesses and landmarks will turn off their lights for 60 minutes in a coordinated effort to raise awareness of climate change.

The annual international event, organized by environmental group WWF, began in 2007 in Sydney, Australia; since then Earth Hour has spread across the globe. In 2010, 128 countries took part and landmarks such as Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building all dimmed their lights.

For those that want to get involved, the Earth Hour Global website ( provides a series of how to guides for organizations including sports associations, universities, communities and even bars.

In addition, the website provides links to regional websites in nearly every country in the world and provides suggestions on how to become involved as an individual (other than by turning off your lights).

Depending upon the participants’ regional website, supporters of Earth Hour can, in England, for instance, choose to register their interest, customize their Twitter profile with the Earth Hour Logo through the French site, downloadbanners and posters on the US site or watch videos of celebrities pledging to “do their bit” for Earth Hour and beyond on the Chinese site.

One of the key ideas behind this year’s event is “going beyond the hour” and engaging in daily activities which help reduce one’s environmental footprint. Ideas for “going beyond the hour” can be found on a spate website at By clicking on the pixels displayed on this site, visitors can see the environmentally friendly pledges made by individuals, celebrities and businesses from around the world.

Earth Hour can also be followed via the official iPhone app or through Facebook YouTube and Twitter.


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