New Zealand earthquake updates

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The impact of the Earthquake that shook the city of Christchurch on 22 February may have slipped from the front pages, but its devastating impact on the landscape – and the people – is very real indeed. The Central Business District is slowly being opened, with decisions about which buildings are to be pulled down and which will be repaired.

Updates below…

* Pictures illustrate how Christchurch looked and how it appears today….

* Canterbury Interactive Map

*  Reminder of tectonic plates and how/why it all happened

Before and After Aerial Images

More images:

More aerial pictures

Christchurch Interactive Map

For interactive version, click

2 thoughts on “New Zealand earthquake updates

  1. You got the date wrong! – (I know, I live there). It was the 22nd Feb – A quick edit might help with confidence with the rest of the article – Bob

    1. Hi Bob
      Yes, thanks for the correction – I always try to get facts right but it’s a hazard of doing a daily blog I’m afraid! I have changed it! Do keep coming back and reading….

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