Calling all green bloggers : last chance to cover World Environment Day

From the Independent

Bloggers around the world have until May 10 to submit their environmentally themed entry ahead of World Environment Day on June 5 and potentially win a trip to India where they will cover the day’s proceedings.

World Environment Day, commonly abbreviated to WED, is a worldwide event celebrating positive environmental action. The United Nations (UN)-backed event began in 1972 and has been celebrated on June 5 every following year.

This year as part of World Environment Day, bloggers have until May 10 to submit an “inspirational” and “compelling” blog post about “nature’s forest services” and win a trip to India; the country is hosting this year’s event and bloggers are required to cover celebrations there on June 5.

The competition is organized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and environmental blog Treehugger: representatives from both these organizations will judge and select the winning blog entry.

The competition is free to enter and entries will be accepted in any one of the UN’s official languages (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic).

More details about the competition and World Environment Day in general can be found via the official website at:

Earlier this year global attempts to raise awareness of climate change and encourage sustainable lifestyles were made through Earth Hour on March 26 and Earth Day on April 22. Whether turning out the lights for an hour or pledging an “act of green,” individuals around the world were encouraged to take part in these events.

Though both Earth Hour and Earth Day have passed, the associated campaigns are still ongoing, and more information on how to get involved can be found and



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