Climate change : ‘this decade REALLY is our last chance….

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A leading scientist who has warned about climate change since the 1980s says “this decade really is our last chance” to save the planet.

Professor James Hansen told TV ONE‘s Close Up that the future for the grandchildren of today’s adults was “bad news”.

Hansen warned that “we are now close to a point where if we don’t begin to reduce the emissions rapidly then we’re going to have to figure out some way to suck the CO2 out of the atmosphere

“I think, this decade really is our last chance. And it’s not inconsistent with what I’ve said before in 2005 I said we had ten years, we’ve still got a few of those years left but not many.”

“If we let the planet get even one degree Celsius warmer than the current level, which would be almost two degrees warmer than the pre-industrial level, we will be sending the planet to a state which will be literally a different planet.

“It will result in shifting shorelines as the sea level goes up and it will result in the extermination of a large fraction of the species on the planet.”

Hansen, who is director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, warned the US Congress about the dangers of climate change back in 1988.

Speaking to Close Up during a New Zealand visit, Hansen attacked the use of emissions trading schemes and lignite mining .

He said he had been travelling the world “trying to find one nation that would stand up in the international community and say what is really needed”.

“It’s not these cockamamie emission trading schemes,” he said.

“A nation like New Zealand should not be talking about mining this dirty coal, the low grade coal, we’re going to have to leave that stuff in the ground, that’s clear, the science is clear.”



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