Geography : Queensland flood pillar unveiled on anniversary

Resilience. Community. Strength. Heroes. Caring. Unity.

These words stand proudly on a new monument in Goodna, west of Brisbane, unveiled on Wednesday on the first anniversary of the devastating 2011 floods.

It’s a tribute to the community spirit and tenacity of residents in the face of adversity, and a reminder that last year wasn’t the first time the area had been under water.

The ‘pillar of courage’ is comprised of six neon sections, each indicating the peak heights of previous floods.

Prime Minster Julia Gillard, Premier Anna Bligh and Queensland Governor Penelope Wensley were present for the unveiling of the monument.

Even those who weren’t directly affected by the deluge which ravaged Brisbane a year ago were chuffed to be remembered by the country’s most powerful woman and other dignitaries.

‘They actually took the time out to actually do something like this, it’s pretty awesome,’ said a resident whose house near the pillar was spared.

‘It shows that they actually do care, not for the publicity but for the community.

‘It’s great to see them all combined here.’

Ipswich State Emergency Service controller Arie van den Ende said the monument would provide an important point of remembrance for the community.

‘Its probably a place for people to go to and reflect on what’s happened,’ he said.

‘I’m glad they put all the floods on there.’

Ipswich SES member Jeff Lindsay told AAP the pillar of courage’ would boost the community’s morale.

‘It’ll mean some hope towards the future’ he said.

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