How do YOU connect with nature?

Nature Wallpaper
Nature Wallpaper (Photo credit: tiltti)

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According to Richard Louv, you are part of the New Nature Movement if …

  • You want to reconnect with real life in a virtual age.
  • You’re a student who’s decided to build a career connecting people to nature.
  • You’re an entrepreneur who wants to build a business connecting people to nature.
  • You’re a parent, child or therapist who believes that the family that plays in nature together stays together.
  • You’re a biologist, landscape architect or policymaker dedicated to transforming cities into engines of biodiversity and human health.
  • You’re someone who understands that all spiritual life begins with a sense of wonder, and that nature is a window into that wonder.
  • You hunger for authenticity; you believe in nature’s power to create a deeper sense of personal and regional identity.
  • You can be of any race or culture, you can live in an inner-city, suburb or small town, and you see your connection to nature as a birthright.
  • You’re a biophilic architect on the cutting edge of green design.
  • You’re a nature-smart developer who creates or rebuilds neighborhoods that connect people to nature.
  • You’re an urban planner or public health official who believes that creating more nearby nature builds better health, tighter social bonds and a smarter workforce.
  • You’re an employer using biophilic design to create a more productive workplace.
  • You’re a nature-smart homeowner determined to create a healthier, happier, restorative home, yard and garden.
  • You’re a pediatrician or other health care professional who prescribes nature for your young patients and their families.
  • You’re helping a hospital, children’s mental health center, nursing home or other health facility encourage healing through nature.
  • You’re an ecopsychologist, wilderness therapy professional, nature therapist, camp counselor, docent, or park ranger working as a “park health paraprofessional.”
  • You’re a “new agrarian” — an organic farmer or rancher or urban gardener.
  • You’re a locavore, dedicated to consuming locally grown food.
  • You want to reignite all your senses.
  • You’re a nature-smart teacher who takes your students outside because you understand the power of nature to help them learn.
  • You’re an artist, writer, photographer or musician who knows the power of nature to stimulate creativity, and you use your talents to reconnect people to nature.
  • You’re an outdoor recreationist who restores nature.
  • You’re a citizen naturalist.
  • You care about the human relationship with nature, whether you’re liberal, conservative…or other.
  • You’re a law enforcement official who believes nature can play a role in crime prevention and prison recidivism.
  • You’re an attorney who protects the forgotten human right to our connection to nature and the responsibilities that come with that right.
  • You’re a mayor or county official or business leader looking for a new way to envision your region’s future.
  • You’re done with despair; you want to create a newer world.
  • You’re ….
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3 thoughts on “How do YOU connect with nature?

  1. Serendipity! I was rereading Last Child in the Woods just a couple days ago and only yesterday came across the Richard Louv post you are referring to. I was going to blog about it today! I definitely consider myself to be a part of the “New Nature Movement.” Thanks for posting, and, if it’s OK with you, I may reblog your post.

  2. Hi Henricus,

    It is just possible I have had a conversation with you in the past but I thought you might be interested in my UK based Phenology blog.

    Good blogging.

    Kind Regards

    Tony Powell

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