Attenborough: children don’t know enough about nature

David Attenborough and the ARKive
David Attenborough and the ARKive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sir David Attenborough has voiced his concern about children’s declining knowledge of the natural world. Do you  agree with him? Comments here or at Learn From Nature 

The naturalist and broadcaster said he was sometimes “amazed” by young people’s poor grasp of biology and the animal kingdom, but admitted their expertise in other types of science – such as computers – towered over his own.

It comes as a new classroom initiative is launched in a bid to inspire primary school children with key moments from Sir David’s remarkable archive of nature programmes.

Sir David said: “Talking to teenagers and so on, I am amazed that they don’t know things about natural history that I knew.

“I’m sure they are equally amazed that I don’t know as much about Twitter, communications, computers and nano-technology as they do. The fact is that there is so much more to be learned in a technological sense today.”

The broadcaster, who turns 85 next month and will next year mark 60 years in broadcasting, added: “It is a given for old men to spend all their time explaining how the world has gone to pot since they were in charge.

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