Kids and the Outdoors : Cub Scout Naturalist Activity Badge

Cub Scouts
Cub Scouts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The National Trust, the Natural History Museum and The Wildlife Trusts are supporting the Cub Naturalist Activity Badge and providing exciting new resources to encourage Cub Scoutsto get outdoors and take the pulse of nature.

English: The Natural History Museum. This is a...
English: The Natural History Museum. This is a panorama of approximately 5 segments. Taken with a Canon 5D and 17-40mm f/4L. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Below are downloadable resources and links to support 6 fun activities that Cubs can do to work towards their Naturalist Activity Badge. Follow the link to download theactivity pack explaining the 6 activities and the leaders’ notes.

Downloadable resources at –



    1. We always encourage cub scouts to check out information for themselves. No ‘indoctrination’ here! No ‘authority’ – I guide them towards their own conclusions.

      BTW, if the ‘science is anything but settled’ why are you so determined that climate change/global warming is ‘not happening’?


    1. No, but good news – the World Conservation Award has a research aspect (number 1) requiring cubs to find examples of damage to the environment. Climate change resulting from pollution could be example – cubs’ choice.

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