CHINA GEOGRAPHY : 18 primary schoolchildren buried in landslide

PLA military regions (1996)
PLA military regions (1996) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A huge landslide has engulfed a primary school in a remote part of south west China, burying 18 children. The Telegraph reports on this terrible disaster!

Link for Telegraph video

The students at the Youfang Primary School, in Zhenhe village, Yunnan province, would not normally have been in school on Thursday as China is on a week-long national holiday.

But they were taking extra classes to catch up on lessons they missed when an earthquake struck the same region last month, killing 81 people and destroying several villages.

State television confirmed the deaths of five of the children, with the remainder still underground.

A rescue operation is under way with around 2,000 people at the site, including 400 soldiers from the local People’s Liberation Army base.

“The rescue is going smoothly, and we have found five children so far,” said Liu Chaowen, the head of the local fire brigade, to China National Radio. “The major obstacle to the rescue is that there are a number of large rocks and although we have three diggers working on the site, progress is quite slow.”


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