Great post on natural timing of life by Alex Jones ( via @LearnFromNature , @NAEE_UK )

Liberated Way

Success is rarely immediate.

If you have ever attempted to grow things, you sow the seed, then you create the ideal conditions for that seed to germinate into a desired outcome.  The Colchester wheat in the image took many months to reach the moment where it could be harvested after being sown.  Nothing comes immediately, and the seed grows according to its own timing.

Sometimes the conditions are too hostile for a seed to germinate.  Fellow blogger LEARN FROM NATURE wrote a post about Herman Melville, author of the classic Moby-Dick. The public at the time were indifferent to his work, and he failed to sell the first 3000 copies of the work; it was only after his death that people now appreciate the Moby-Dick for what it is.

Everything moves according to its own clock, thus to force things can have negative consequences.  200 years ago people had…

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