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“Environmental Taliban”

David Cameron promised this would be the greenest government ever “When I became prime minister I said I would aim to have the greenest government ever and this is exactly what we have”.  Unfortunately, hardly anyone else seems to agree. Opinion polls suggest that only 2% of the public think this is the case, and organisations as diverse as the CBI and Greenpeace also disagree.

George Osborne’s latest apparent comments about the green lobby being the ‘environmental Taliban’ adds nothing to any sense that this government intends to see through its verdant promise. Not that this is new.  When George Osborne previously remarked that “we’re not going to save the planet by putting our country out of business” and that green policies were a “burden” on business, he may have let the rhetorical camouflage slip to reveal the true attitudes which underlie the government’s approach…

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  1. The UK have the worst Government I can remember who has no respect for the environment or science.

    1. Only some / very few governments really ‘get’ the needs of the environment. Ours doesn’t actually acknowledge ‘environmental education’ – a major bone of an issue for National Association for Environmental Education (NAEEUK), which I co-chair.

      Thanks for sharing

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