Excellent post on Dall’s porpoise – recommended by @LearnFromNature !


Dall’s porpoises are black with a striking white patch on the belly and flank. They have a small triangular dorsal fin and the posterior margin of the tail flukes are fringed with a grayish-white band.

Sometimes it gets confusing when people use the words “dolphin” and “porpoise” because either word can be used to mean the exact same animals. These words often get mixed up by fishermen and scientists (though they may deny it!).

However, each word refers to a specific family and should not be used interchangeably. Dolphins usually have beaks and more noticeable dorsal fins. Porpoises are usually smaller than dolphins and usually don’t have pronounced melons or beaks. If you are lucky enough to look into a dolphin or porpoise mouth, you can tell the difference between the two families as dolphins have rather pointed teeth while porpoise teeth are shaped like spades. Unless you know a lot…

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