Let’s Celebrate the 5th Annual National Public Gardens Day!

National Public Gardens Day
National Public Gardens Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The annual tradition of celebrating public gardens on the Friday preceding Mother’s Day weekend will continue this year on May 10, 2013 as communities throughout the United States celebrate National Public Gardens Day. ENN reports

Presented in partnership between the American Public Gardens Association (APGA) and irrigation product and service provider, Rain Bird, the annual day of awareness invites communities nationwide to explore the diverse beauty of their local green spaces and to take advantage of the conservation, education and environmental preservation resources public gardens provide.

The 2013 National Public Gardens Day will be celebrated by more than 500 North American botanic gardens, arboreta, museums, zoos and entertainment gardens with special events, tours and activities.

“Public gardens are treasures of the communities they serve,” said Casey Sclar, Executive Director of the American Public Gardens Association. “Whether the gardens are in urban centers or in rural communities, they not only provide recreation and beauty, but are also indispensable resources in education, the environment and culture. It is important to take time at least once a year and pay tribute to these pillars of the community and educate the public about the importance of plant and water conservation.”

National Public Gardens Day is supported by a national awareness campaign that utilizes broadcast public service announcements, media partnerships, national spokespeople, media tours and contests to drive local and national exposure to the importance of building sustainable environments through plant and water conservation, education and community engagement.

“The impact that public gardens and green spaces have on our communities cannot be understated, and as a presenting partner and co-founder of National Public Gardens Day, Rain Bird recognizes the need to bring awareness to how public gardens serve as invaluable resources for water conservation,” said Dave Johnson, Rain Bird’s director of corporate marketing. “National Public Gardens Day is a perfect opportunity to celebrate public gardens and underscore how they ideally support our company’s Intelligent Use of Water philosophy by demonstrating how green spaces can educate and inspire us while contributing to the health of our environment and the conservation of the world’s most precious resource.”

In celebration of botanical gardens, arboreta, conservatories, educational gardens and historical landscapes, many of the APGA’s 500 member institutions will mark the day with special events and activities for schools, families, garden enthusiasts and other visitors. Many of the activities will continue through Mother’s Day weekend, offering visitors time to enjoy the beauty of the gardens while learning about each garden’s commitment to education, research and environmental stewardship.

For more information on National Public Gardens Day, visit www.NationalPublicGardensDay.org.


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