Australia fails on Great Barrier Reef

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Australia hasn’t done enough to stop UNESCO listing the Great Barrier Reef as ‘in danger’, a new report by conservationists says.

The World Heritage Committee will meet in Cambodia this week to consider a draft decision to place the reef on its ‘danger list’ in 2014 unless the Queensland and federal governments clean up their act.

Requests include that no more developments are approved along the Queensland coast that would impact individually or cumulatively on the reef.

Other major concerns include escalating ship traffic through the reef and poor water quality resulting from coastal development.

The WWF and the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCA) have released a scorecard, which shows there has been no improvement in managing the impacts of ports and port development along the Great Barrier Reef coast.

They have ‘major concern’ that the Australian and federal governments haven’t developed a policy to contain port development to existing…

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