Brexit: Leaving the EU has environmental consequences. Help Nature – please sign this!

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The UK has voted to LEAVE the EU – this has consequences for our Natural environment…..

Please read this and sign pro-Nature petition by @nerdboy on twitter, and This amazing lad is also Wildlife Blogger of the Year for BBC Wildlife Mag 

Protect UK Environment & Wildlife – adopt European environmental legislation.

The vote to leave the EU could leave our wildlife at risk. The EU has developed a strong set of laws that protect the environment and our wildlife. As these laws will not apply when the UK leaves the EU we need new laws for the UK that give our precious wildlife and environment the same protection.
Wildlife didn’t get much of a mention in the referendum debate, that’s a shame as it was something that Europe treasures and its laws were very good for protecting the environment. Without new laws protected sites and our countryside might not be protected unless we have new laws that make sure we take care of it. Many species of plants, animals & invertebrates are declining, the UK Government should make it a priority to do what we can to stop this.

Read more here:

Sign the petition here:


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