Tigers in the news – for all the wrong reasons!


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Today – July 25th – is International Tiger Day but this big cat is in very BIG trouble …. We must change attitudes regards Chinese medicine!


  1. Should a tiger who attacks a person, be put down? 
  2. Should we continue to use animal products – especially from a critically  endangered species – and especially when the concepts re TCM  are doubtful at best ? Let me know what your think here or on LearnFromNature twitter 

Tigers attack women

Last weekend, at a Beijing safari park, tigers attacked 2 women who ‘got out of a car’ …. reports are that the tigers have NOT been executed (a possible response) – certainly, there has been much criticism of the safety measures at this particular safari park

Reports in Shanghai Daily (my local English-language paper), then world press including CNN 

“Many of these safari parks in China should be banned because they train tigers in a cruel way to entertain visitors or sell tiger products,” Mang Ping, a professor from the Central Institute of Socialism and a founder of the Zoo Watch animal protection NGO, told the Global Times.

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Legalization of trade in tiger products

Following on from the above – which raised the profile of tigers –  this news comes along..

From The Global Times: China banned the trade and use of products made from tigers in 1993.

However, in the revised version of China’s Wild Animal Protection Law which was approved on July 2 and will be put into effect in 2017, some animal populations, bred under controlled conditions with “mature” technology, can be regulated differently from wild populations and used to make commercial products, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

Sorry to say – Chinese Traditional Medicine – TCM for short – has a LOT to answer for!      Education is of course key…. see NAEE

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See Know Your Tigers infographic 






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