World Ranger Day …. thinking of the wonderful women and men in the field!








Rangers are everywhere looking after the natural world on our behalf – and alongside us! In the United States – we are on the cusp of the National Parks Service centenary  : see here to find out more, plus #FindAPark

In East and Southern Africa – teams work against the incredible challenge that is the fight to combat poachers wanting elephants : see Kenya Wildlife Service and David Sheldrick amongst many groups

In  England and Scotland – human activities constantly threaten the wilderness areas and historic  :  see national parks 

In New Zealand’s tussock lands, Department of Conservation officers aim and achieve the impossible – looking after critically endangered species such as the Takahe

All of these experiences relying very much on the continual need for successful environmental  and community education, alongside conservation and management programmes.   Here’s to #WorldRangerDay via their website and others    on twitter !

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See more regards Environmental Education  

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