‘Hero to many’ – especially Africa’s elephants … remembered by Goodall, all conservationists

Africa – especially its wonderful elephants – has lost a stalwart conservationist when Wayne Lotter died – for his conservation work at https://pamsfoundationtanzania.org 

The Guardian news item 

The Independent news items – Lotter helped catch ‘Queen of Ivory’ 

This from Dr Jane Goodall, whom I have personally met and will I think be okay to share this : “I was profoundly shocked when I heard that Wayne Lotter, co-founder of PAMS Foundation, and known for his courageous fight against poaching of wildlife, had been shot and killed last night in the Masaki district of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Wayne was a hero of mine, a hero to many, someone who devoted his life to protecting Africa’s wildlife.”

It was in 2009 that he teamed up with Krissie Clark and Ally Namangaya to form the PAMS Foundation since then they have worked tirelessly to fight both poachers and corruption. I knew of their activities long before I first met them in 2014 when the elephant poaching crisis was at it’s worst in the Ruaha National Park. At that time powerful vested interests were desperately trying to blacken Wayne’s name and close down the PAMS Foundation. Wayne passionately believed in the importance of involving local communities in the protection of wildlife, and through his work with PAMS he helped train hundreds of village game scouts in many parts of the country. As a result he gained the support of many of the local people, but inevitably faced strong opposition from dealers and many high level government officials. He also worked to develop an intelligence-based approach to anti-poaching that undoubtedly helped to reduce the shocking level of elephant slaughter in Tanzania. ” (By Dr Jane Goodall. Full post can be viewed here on the IRF Facebook page  )

As I re-launch this blog and remainder of the website including updating the pages, I re-dedicate it to all those who care for and fight for the natural world – and our crucial connections to it!

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