BADGER UPDATE: Pilot culls set to go ahead (!!)

Bad news for badgers! Two pilot badger culls will go ahead this summer, in Gloucestershire and Somerset, the environment secretary Owen Patterson has announced. The Guardian reports   A third area in Dorset is also being prepared for a possible cull, should there be problems with either of the first two. Farmers conducting the cull willContinue reading “BADGER UPDATE: Pilot culls set to go ahead (!!)”

BADGERS : MPs vote 147 to 28 for abandoning cull entirely!

Some good news for a special British creature!  The Guardian reports MPs have voted to abandon the controversial badger cull in England entirely, inflicting an embarrassing defeat on ministers who had already been forced to postpone the start of the killing until next summer. The motion in parliament to stop the cull was passed by 147 votes toContinue reading “BADGERS : MPs vote 147 to 28 for abandoning cull entirely!”

BADGER UPDATE : Badger cull to be delayed…?

Environment secretary expected to announce decision amid concerns about the cost and effectiveness of the scheme. The Independent reports. COMMENT : Is Government finally realising the badger cull is a mess – and simply wrong!?  The environment secretary, Owen Paterson, will announce on today (Tuesday) that the government is delaying its plan to cull thousandsContinue reading “BADGER UPDATE : Badger cull to be delayed…?”

BADGER CULL : Government accused of failing to properly seek alternatives

Ministers are going “nowhere near far enough” in seeking alternatives to the imminent cull of badgers, according the scientist who led the landmark 10-year culling trial that remains the scientific benchmark for the policy. The Guardian reports According to Prof John Bourne, stricter measures to stop cows spreading tuberculoisis to other cows are the only wayContinue reading “BADGER CULL : Government accused of failing to properly seek alternatives”

BADGER UPDATE : Cull is ‘mindless’, say scientists

Britain’s top animal disease scientists have launched a devastating attack on the government’s “mindless” badger cull, accusing ministers of failing to tell the truth and demanding the immediate abandonment of the killings. The Observer reports The intervention by dozens of the nation’s most senior experts, in a letter in the Observer, comes as farmers prepare to begin the cullContinue reading “BADGER UPDATE : Cull is ‘mindless’, say scientists”