Asia Update : Good news for threatened dolphins

Good news from Arkive  *** Learn From Nature Factsheet on dolphins    Three new wildlife sanctuaries have been declared by the Government of Bangladesh, in the hope that they will help to prevent the extinction of the threatened Irrawaddy and Ganges river dolphins. Irrawaddy dolphin breaching Threatened dolphins Freshwater dolphins are among the most threatened species of dolphin inContinue reading “Asia Update : Good news for threatened dolphins”

Tourists to use cameras to help save Tasmanian devil

From the Guardian                 Link to my factsheet Walkers are joining forces with conservationists to help bring the Tasmanian devil back from the brink of extinction. In a unique tourism experiment, guests on guided walks through Tasmania‘s remote Tarkine rainforest will help scientists track local populations of the AustralianContinue reading “Tourists to use cameras to help save Tasmanian devil”

Wildlife trade : Animal smuggling in Bangkok

A man has been arrested in Thailand, attempting to smuggle 50 snakes onto a plane. It is the latest in a series of exotic animal seizures at Bangkok international airport. Authorities at Bangkok‘s Suvarnabhumi Airport found this baby tiger cub stuffed among toy tigers in the suitcase of a woman flying to Iran Related articlesContinue reading “Wildlife trade : Animal smuggling in Bangkok”

Climate change : Could kill one in 10 species by end of the century!

Climate change is speeding up the rate at which animals and plants are becoming extinct. By the end of the century, one in 10 species could be on the verge of extinction because of the effects of global warming, a study has found. The findings support the view that the earth is currently experiencing aContinue reading “Climate change : Could kill one in 10 species by end of the century!”

Turtles now world’s most endangered species

COMMENT: I recently visited another the Chinese city of Kungming where anyone can buy a tiny ‘cute’ turtle swimming around inside a tiny plastic bowl… It’s a toy. But read on, in THE INDEPENDENT today… Turtles and tortoises are now the most endangered group of vertebrate animals, with more than half of their 328 speciesContinue reading “Turtles now world’s most endangered species”