Too clever by half: is technology killing the planet?

Technology is at once a hugely constructive and a hugely destructive force, and for the most part we have been content to ignore the latter while enjoying the benefits of the former. But, suggests Ian Michler, it’s high time that we begin to think seriously – and innovatively – about tempering its damaging effects. FromContinue reading “Too clever by half: is technology killing the planet?”

Earthquake Updates

Sanitation concerns in post-quake Christchurch Wendy Zukerman, Australasia reporter In the New Zealand city of Christchurch authorities are scrambling to restore water supplies and sewage systems which were severely damaged by last week’s 6.3-magnitude earthquake. Canterbury medical officer of health Alistair Humphrey told New Zealand Doctor that 40 per cent of Christchurch doesn’t have running water andContinue reading “Earthquake Updates”

Earthquake: The unknown fault that caught out Christchurch

NEW ZEALAND is riddled with major active faults, but it seems the fatal 6.3-magnitude earthquake that hit Christchurch this week was caused by one that was not on the list. “Christchurch has never been identified as a major earthquake zone, because no one knew this fault ran beneath,” says Roger Musson, a seismologist at the BritishContinue reading “Earthquake: The unknown fault that caught out Christchurch”

China plan aims to reduce pollution… Will it succeed?

BEIJING — China’s leaders unwrapped a new five-year economic blueprint on Saturday that set ambitious goals to raise ordinary people’s incomes, rein in pollution and energy use, and build advanced-science industries in fields like biotechnology and environmental protection. After five years of scorching growth, averaging 11.2 percent a year, the plan projected an average 7 percentContinue reading “China plan aims to reduce pollution… Will it succeed?”

New environmentally friendly search engine launched

Nonprofit organization announced on March 2 the launch of, a new ‘environmentally friendly‘ search engine. Launched by, which supports third-party renewable energy and reforestation projects around the world, the free online search engine is powered by Bing and hosts sponsored advertisements through Yahoo!. The revenue generated by these advertisements is then donated byContinue reading “New environmentally friendly search engine launched”