The 100 species at risk of extinction – because man has no use for them

  The 100 species at risk of extinction – because man has no use for them! 48 countries, including Britain, urged to help prevent loss of our ‘weird and wonderful’ creatures. The Independent reports The spoon-billed sandpiper, three-toed sloth and a long-beaked echidna named after Sir David Attenborough are among the 100 most endangered species inContinue reading “The 100 species at risk of extinction – because man has no use for them”

Very Sad Species Update : Japanese river otter declared extinct

Hunted,  polluted, now extinct! First Chinese river dolphin, now Japan river otter…. but there’s some good news.    The Japanese river otter has been designated as extinct now that none has been seen for more than 30 years, according to a report released Tuesday by the Environment Ministry.   Going, going: A river otter eats aContinue reading “Very Sad Species Update : Japanese river otter declared extinct”

Turtles now world’s most endangered species

COMMENT: I recently visited another the Chinese city of Kungming where anyone can buy a tiny ‘cute’ turtle swimming around inside a tiny plastic bowl… It’s a toy. But read on, in THE INDEPENDENT today… Turtles and tortoises are now the most endangered group of vertebrate animals, with more than half of their 328 speciesContinue reading “Turtles now world’s most endangered species”

Three-quarters of the world’s reefs at risk

Representatives from ZSL’s Conservation and Living Collections teams on Thursday participated in the launch of the Reefs at Risk Revisited report launch. © ZSL – James Godwin Dr Heather Koldewey, ZSL’s International Marine and Freshwater Conservation Programme Manager, said ‘This report provides an invaluable compilation of the latest and most comprehensive data set on theContinue reading “Three-quarters of the world’s reefs at risk”

Climate change conversations : emails to a skeptic

From The Independent last night…. A series of Questions & Answers has produced a very interesting discussion and led to a huge reader response… World-renowned physicist Professor Freeman Dyson has been described as a ‘force-of-nature intellect’. He’s also one of the world’s foremost climate change sceptics. In this email exchange, our science editor, Steve Connor,Continue reading “Climate change conversations : emails to a skeptic”