A landmark for UK conservation

At the very end of 2010, Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman announced a major achievement for conservation in England with the news that 96% of England’s SSSIs (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) are now in favourable or recovering condition. SSSIs are the most important collection of wildlife and geological sites in the England and cover 8%Continue reading “A landmark for UK conservation”

Oil spill – BP may not be ‘negligent’ but the industry IS ruinous against our ocean

The Guardian reports on BP and the oil industry…. Analysts said that blaming the oil industry, and not singling out BP, would help the company in its fight against being found guilty of gross negligence. But industry and legal sources told the Guardian that BP would still have to strike a deal out of court toContinue reading “Oil spill – BP may not be ‘negligent’ but the industry IS ruinous against our ocean”

Climate change mission: clean up the mess after #Copenhagen

  The conference which begins in Cancun today must restart the battle to lower emissions, says Michael McCarthy From Editorial of The Independent Snowfalls grip swathes of Britain. Temperatures in Wales dip to minus-17. As Britain shivers in the kind of freezing winter that we normally associate with Eastern Europe, it’s hard to remember thatContinue reading “Climate change mission: clean up the mess after #Copenhagen”

Are Africa’s seas getting protection they deserve, finally?

South Africa maps first deep-sea preserve The Independent/AFP Underwater canyons, deep-sea coral reefs and sponge banks are part of a unique ecosystem that South Africa wants to save within its first deep-sea marine protected area. After 10 years of consultations, South Africa has mapped the boundaries for the proposed reserve stretching 100 kilometres (60 miles) fromContinue reading “Are Africa’s seas getting protection they deserve, finally?”

Good news for eco products?

The development and global implementation of a new environmental ratings system could make product comparisons easier for consumers across the world.  The US-based Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) announced on August 10 that it had partnered with Canadian Standards Association and international US-based group UL Environment, two leading standards organizations. The three groups intendContinue reading “Good news for eco products?”