China: Activists seek total ivory ban

Do nothing – and African elephants will be functionally extinct within two decades…. From China Daily: Conservation organizations have called on the Chinese government to impose a total ban on the ivory trade in the country within the next two years, and with no expiration date or financial compensation for those who would lose business. XuContinue reading “China: Activists seek total ivory ban”

‘Forest & Bird’ asks ….. Help Save Our Cute – and Critically Endangered – Sea Lions!

New Zealand’s sea lion could be virtually extinct in two decades – if trends continue! So Forest & Bird New Zealand is asking for your help… Once found all around our coastline, the New Zealand sea lion is now the world’s rarest sea lion. They have the same Nationally Critical status as the kākāpō, andContinue reading “‘Forest & Bird’ asks ….. Help Save Our Cute – and Critically Endangered – Sea Lions!”

WILDLIFE : Beaver and bison among European species making a comeback

From the Guardian : Beaver, bison and eagles are among the species that have made a successful comeback in Europe in the past 50 years, according to a major survey published by a coalition of conservation groups on Thursday. The report selected 37 species that have showed signs of recovery, studied changes in their numbers and range since 1960, andContinue reading “WILDLIFE : Beaver and bison among European species making a comeback”

The olinguito – discovered, then extinct…?

From the Guardian The newly named mammal may well already be on the road to extinction. And its cuteness will not offer much protection ‘The arboreal olinguito surely owes part of its news value to its forward-facing, appealingly baby-like eyes.’ Link to video: Olinguito: the newly discovered mammalWelcome to the world, olinguito, the first new carnivore toContinue reading “The olinguito – discovered, then extinct…?”

‘BBC Wildlife’ loses a key player with heart

      BBC Wildlife editor Sophie Stafford was very personable, who made the top nature magazine accessible to mainstream readership and actually replied to you in person! She will certainly be missed by this writer….  BBC Wildlife Magazine, one of the world’s most prestigious natural history titles, announces that its next three issues are toContinue reading “‘BBC Wildlife’ loses a key player with heart”