Roadkill nation: There’s already a badger cull happening… on Britain’s highways

The first survey of animals killed on British roads reveals that badgers are the biggest casualties, followed by pheasants, foxes, rabbits and pigeons From the Independent:  “Badgers have no natural predator, except possibly the motor car,” farming minister David Heath recently declared, as he bemoaned Britain’s rising badger population. Now the nation’s first-ever roadkill surveyContinue reading “Roadkill nation: There’s already a badger cull happening… on Britain’s highways”

TB: The science behind the decisions

From Farmers Guardian 2009 The head researcher at the Government’s badger research centre is adamant culling badgers will make bTB worse and that farmers need to start backing the vaccination programme. Joanne Pugh went to meet him.   More than three decades ago ecologists started monitoring badgers in an area of farm and parkland, nearContinue reading “TB: The science behind the decisions”

Environmental Stories of 2012 – what a year!

Was 2012 the year a apocolptic movie became reality? Was this year the ABC of disaster – Ash dieback, badgers, Sandy….? The Guardian reviews the top news of environment, wildlife and conservation issues… Superstorm Sandy The storm on 29 October killed more than 125 people after making landfall in America, paralysing the lower half of Manhattan, and obliteratingContinue reading “Environmental Stories of 2012 – what a year!”

BADGERS : MPs vote 147 to 28 for abandoning cull entirely!

Some good news for a special British creature!  The Guardian reports MPs have voted to abandon the controversial badger cull in England entirely, inflicting an embarrassing defeat on ministers who had already been forced to postpone the start of the killing until next summer. The motion in parliament to stop the cull was passed by 147 votes toContinue reading “BADGERS : MPs vote 147 to 28 for abandoning cull entirely!”

BADGER UPDATE : UK Government are ‘natural bullies’ or ‘state-backed vandalism’ – take your pick!

Anyone that culls a badger – in an excuse to rid the countryside of a disease, but twisting science to do so – is a ‘natural bully’ in my book! Henricus Peters, LearnFromNature   From The Badger Trust: The country’s leading badger conservation charity has publicly rejected the dual threat of extremism by activists andContinue reading “BADGER UPDATE : UK Government are ‘natural bullies’ or ‘state-backed vandalism’ – take your pick!”