Opportunity and optimism ? The Arab Youth Climate Movement should give us hope…

  Young people in the Middle East and North Africa have inspired many of us during the past two years, and they will do so again on Saturday (today!). The Guardian reports If the winds of change sweeping the Arab region collided with the slow-moving front of climate negotiations, anything is possible They are takingContinue reading “Opportunity and optimism ? The Arab Youth Climate Movement should give us hope…”

From the United States : Storm’s Lessons for Florida

From International Herald Tribune reports on the devastation from last week’s superstorm #sandy that is resonating in Florida, which escaped the brunt but faces parallel risks from the combined effects of sea-level rise and intense storms. InsideClimate News – see below A different kind of water world: flooding in the Coney Island aquarium. – to be coveredContinue reading “From the United States : Storm’s Lessons for Florida”

US Elections : A vote for a president to lead on climate change

  The devastation that hurricane Sandy brought to New York city brought the stakes of the presidential election into sharp relief. Michael Bloomberg, New York mayor gives his views Our climate is changing. And while the increase in extreme weather we have experienced in New York City and around the world may or may notContinue reading “US Elections : A vote for a president to lead on climate change”

Was Hurricane Sandy supersized by climate change?

Is there a connection between hurricanes and climate change, wherein one pushed the other? I think – definitely ‘yes’  The Guardian reports. As this is written, Hurricane Sandy’s minimum central pressure has dropped to a stunning 940 millibars, meaning that air is rising in this storm in a way similar to a Category 4 hurricane. Sandy isContinue reading “Was Hurricane Sandy supersized by climate change?”

World Oceans Day 2012

World Oceans Day is being celebrated by millions of people all over the globe. Be a part of the movement to protect our oceans! Visit http://oneworldoneocean.org and http://worldoceansday.org to see more amazing videos about the ocean and learn what you can do to help protect it. Related articles 10 Beautiful Photos Celebrating World Oceans Day 2012 (treehugger.com) Honor WorldContinue reading “World Oceans Day 2012”