China: Activists seek total ivory ban

Do nothing – and African elephants will be functionally extinct within two decades…. From China Daily: Conservation organizations have called on the Chinese government to impose a total ban on the ivory trade in the country within the next two years, and with no expiration date or financial compensation for those who would lose business. XuContinue reading “China: Activists seek total ivory ban”

Florida: STOP painting tortoises!

Painting a tortoise – funny, isn’t it? Here in China, they are sold as pets … but I have not heard of a ‘painted tortoise’. Only in America…? ‘If you want to paint something, paint a rock,’ Florida officials implore after shells of a threatened tortoise species were found daubed with paint – according toContinue reading “Florida: STOP painting tortoises!”

BIG but NOT GOOD news….It’s World Elephant Day!

      The elephant is one of the most persecuted creatures on earth! African elephants are slaughtered at an alarming rate for their ivory in places like Zimbabwe and Kenya  – fueled, dare I say, by the likes of China and other Asian countries demands for luxury goods. Asian elephants especially those in Thailand,Continue reading “BIG but NOT GOOD news….It’s World Elephant Day!”

WILDLIFE : Reducing ivory and rhino horn demand is key to the species’ survival

Legal trade and military-style protection may help, but ultimately elephants and rhinos will not survive with their ecological function intact unless demand and price falls From NatureUp : Astonishing numbers of elephants and rhinos are being poached across Africa. Between 25,000 and 40,000 elephants are likely to be illegally killed there this year. South Africa,Continue reading “WILDLIFE : Reducing ivory and rhino horn demand is key to the species’ survival”

WATER : China and India ‘water grab’ dams put ecology of Himalayas in danger

More than 400 hydroelectric schemes are planned in the mountain region, which could be a disaster for the environment The Guardian reports: The future of the world’s most famous mountain range could be endangered by a vast dam-building project, as a risky regional race for water resources takes place in Asia. NAEE_UK sees this as a hugeContinue reading “WATER : China and India ‘water grab’ dams put ecology of Himalayas in danger”